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linen pillow covers Think Deep – Use Layers to Create Design Depth funny cushion covers

2019-12-03 17:52

Although latest contemporary fashions have been minimalist and sparse there is something undisputed and quality about a more sumptuous and involved finish. Just like eating, interior design works by exciting people’s senses whether it is sight, touch, sound or smell.

Consequently, to create a warmlinen pillow covers, welcoming and interesting space it is often most effective to use layers of texture and colour within your design. This will create a level of sumptuousness and depth to absorb your visitors in to the room. This article will guide you through some simple yet highly effective ways to add some layered sensuality in to your home.

accent pillow case baby decorative

The easiest way to add some depth in to your design scheme is within your soft furnishings. Their naturally textured properties lend themselves perfectly to contrasting colours and touch. For example, to add some wow to your windows create a simple pencil pleat curtain in a complementary tone to your décor. Behind this sweep soft voile or hessian or drape a heavier fabric over the curtain pole as a swag feature.

This will highlight the textural and colour qualities of the two fabrics and entice you to touch. Furthermore, it can look equally effective to intertwine two curtains on one pole. Choose two tab top curtains in the same or similar fabrics but different colours and thread their tabs on to the pole alternately. Once hung the two will drop in unison and, as light filters through, will accentuate the two tones of fabric.

Alongside this a rich and sensuous finish can be created by using scatter cushions. Keep your colour palette limited and choose a selection of cushions in a variety of rich textures such as fur, leather, satin, corduroy and wool. For that extra depth, add a warm yet simplistic throw to bring the various elements together.

Upstairs, the bedroom is an ideal place to layer textures and colours. Begin with vivid and exciting wallpaper as a feature wall behind your bed. In front of this position an oversized yet plain bed head in faux suede, leather or cotton. To add a further level; keep your bedding relatively plain and team with rows of luxurious and different sized scatter cushions.

In order to avoid the look becoming too fussy consider scale when choosing and arranging your scatter cushions. Keep small intricate patterns for smaller cushions at the front of your display. At the back keep the patterns large and bold in complementary colours to your wallpaper. Finally, to break these up, add a selection of more modest plain cushions in complementary colours and textures to add differentiation and depth.

Whatever your choice and desired level of depth do remember that most items you buy are returnable. Consequently have fun experimenting with different colours, cushions, textures and sizes. Remember that depth is created using a mixture of both pattern and plain and by creating contrast you are half way there. Finally, as with all design schemes do remember that less is more and limit your colour scheme to two or three key colours and enhance the scheme using texture.

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