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linen pillow covers How to Make a Sandwich Cake custom anniversary gifts

2020-01-20 10:12

Remember that amazing Easy DIY Mini Cake Stand that made earlier? Well, now?she’;s showing us How To Make a Sandwich Cake.??Yes, SANDWICH! It’;s not a cake! Think of it as a Savory Cake! ?Time to celebrate!

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On my last post on Today’s Creative Life, I shared how to make a mini cake plate and now I am going to show you how to make a sandwich cake. These fun festive mini sandwich cakes so perfect for baby and bridal showers.

Firstlinen pillow covers, you will remove the label on the pineapple can. I chose this can because it was the perfect size for my mini cake plates. Remove both ends of the can with a can opener. Put the tidbits away and use them for something else at another time. Then wash and dry the can very well. You might opt to use a cookie cutter instead of the can.

After you prepare the can, use it to make the round bread slices by pressing it into the bread like a hole puncher. I used King’s Hawaiian sandwich buns because I prefer the flavor. During this process, you might want to use a knife to help break away some of the bread pieces and smooth out the sides.

Next, begin layering the bread and a chicken salad spread. Each mini sandwich should contain 2-3 slices of bread depending on how tall you want your cake to be. You can use any kind of spread. I just love the chicken salad by?Cavallari’s Gourmet Market?in Oviedo, FL. The flavors of their chicken salad, combined with the Hawaiian bread taste heavenly.

Once your cake is stacked, spread a well-blended mixture with equal parts of sour cream and cream cheese. Now you are ready to add your veggies!

There are a couple of ways to decorate your cake. The first option is to decorate it with veggies, making sure they are washed and dried. To make the radish flower, simply slice off the sides of a radish (check out the video to see more).

Next, make bell pepper polka dots by punching holes into the pepper by using a round pastry tip.

The other option to decorate your cake is to place edible flowers like marigolds, roses, or orchids on the top and use garnishes like parsley and fennel for embellishments. See more on this option at the end of this post.

You are almost there…place your veggies in the design you prefer. I like using polka dots along the sides and a flower on top. I created the center of the flower using an olive slice. The final step is to finish icing the sandwich cake using a small pastry tip to create the little stars at the bottom and top edges of the cake.

Seen here is the additional option using the edible flowers. You can see more images of this cake design at

One more thing, if you are going to make several of these do it an assembly line. It will help to move things along more quickly. Happy creating! ~ Melinda

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Have you heard of the haven of handmade crafts and cuteness called Wild Olive? Talk about blogs to be crushing on. When I first saw the Cuckoo Clock Ornament Mollie made I couldn’t wait to check out more. Her You Stitched Up My <3 embroidery pattern is a perfect gift for a loved one and the Mum Hairpins are almost so cute it hurts.

Beauty is everywhere. Just look outside your window & there is a world of opportunity to decorate with. So often we rush to the store to buy our decor, but I prefer to consider what I already have?then go to the store to supplement. This simple Christmas table setting starts with my pomegranate table runner, my everyday dishes, casual linens & is trimmed with leftover cinnamon sticks & snips of greenery. It’s casual & cozy – just how I like our guests to feel when sharing dinner with us! While I love using china, it’s not necessary – it’s a personal choice. If you don’t have any, I encourage you to incorporate your everyday dinnerware. It’s all about the company anyways, isn’t it? Our china is buried safely in boxes in our yet-to-be unpacked basement. I look forward to unpacking more in January, but for now, I’m just enjoying the season. I hope you are too!

I ended up with?a handful of orphan blocks when I purchased a big bag of vintage scrap fabrics a few years ago, all?different block patterns and ranging in size from about 4-8″.

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