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linen pillow covers Earth-Friendly Gifts for Dad accent pillow case baby

2020-03-09 11:25

Trying to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Have you ever considered Earth-friendly gifts for Dad?

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Every year, we all seem to ask ourselves the same questions while shopping.

How many ties does he actually need?Would it be weird if I got him another “World’s Best Dad” mug?What size t-shirt does he wear again?Is a gift card really too impersonal?

No more ties. He has enough mugs. Stop with the shirts.

And yes, you can do better than a gift card.

It’s 2018, and we’re all trying to live a healthierlinen pillow covers, happier life—including dads. So why not treat him to something different this Father’s Day? We’re giving you some Earth-friendly gift ideas.

Cooler Bags, Gift Baskets, Customized Tote Bags, and more! Once you pick the perfect bag or basket for dad, fill it with his favorite healthy (or organic) goodies. Start filling his basket at Its Only Natural Gifts.

Beard comb? Grooming kit? Hair pomade? Badger Healthy Body Care has it all—and it’s certified organic. This site has everything Dad needs to look and feel his best from sun up til sun down. Shop now!

Not only does Threads for Thought practice and support sustainable initiatives, but they also produce very fashionable tops for dads. These shirts are made with organic cotton and without questionable chemicals. Start shopping!

Every Dad needs a soft, cozy bathrobe, right? The Ultimate Green Store’s bamboo bathrobes are an ideal gift for Father’s Day.

Does Dad like to stay fit? Does he go to the gym? Is he a hiker? Help him haul his belongings in style. Sustainable style. The Ultimate Green Store sells a variety of backpacks and hiking bags—all made in Earth-friendly ways using sustainable materials and practices.

Nothing in your home says more about you than the art you have on your wall. The reason for this is unlike your sofa or any other piece of furniture, there are no practicalities to consider when choosing wall art?it is merely a case of what you like. Whether you chose your art for the composition and colours that handily match your room or because it had some personal relevance, everything thing on your wall tells a little story.

Beanbags are great for a friendly game of corn hole, or just tossing around with your friends. Beanbag chairs are as cool and comfy now as they were back in the 70's. Luckily, both of these are easy and fun to make. All you have to have is some fabric, a few tools, and you will be on your way to making all types of beanbags!

We are slowly making progress on our new home. We’ve been adjusting to the new space & seeing how they flow, how we use them. While I’d love to jump in & have the home decorated & completed, it’s unrealistic & won’t give the home the warmth & charm I want. I love pieces with a story, design with function. The fun is in the process. I started our first project – a mini screened porch makeover. For the longest time, I had set unrealistic expectations for myself that to reveal a space, if had to be completed. That’s not a reality for many & it isn’t for me. Between the kids, work & everyday life, there’s only so much I can accomplish & budgets are always a factor as well. I’m proud of how we transformed this room & made it feel cozy in just a nap time.

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