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linen pillow covers DIY Place Card Holders personalized wedding gifts

2020-01-17 21:59

pom pom place card holder

Today I wanted to show you guys how I made our DIY Place Card Holders. A cheap and easy DIY that you can use to fit so many different wedding themes! Hope you enjoy it.

pillow cases vintage

the tools you'll need

First, the tools you'll need: some wire (I used steel wire, 19 gauge. It was about $4 for a 50 ft roll from the hardware store and it was way more than I needed for 40 place card holders), some plierslinen pillow covers, some wire cutters, and something to roll the wire around. I used a paint brush.

1. After cutting the wire (about 3-4 inches) Use?your hands to get the wrap the wire around the paintbrush a little bit to get it started.

2. Use the pliers to wrap it tightly around. Wrap it around at least twice.

3. Use the pliers to push that last little end around tightly, adjust as necessary and pinch the wrapped wire closer together.

4. After taking it off, hold the pliers in the center and pull the long part down to finish it off.After that your wire should look like this:

Once you get the hang of it you can make one in 2-4 minutes. Now you can take your bent wire and stick it into something that goes with your theme! For us, that was pom poms:

Note the bottom yellow pom pom:?if what you're sticking the wire into is round or can't stand up on it's own, you'll have to make it a “;foot.”; There's no real trick or art to this part, and probably no one will see it, so just bend the wire into a triangle or square until your place card holder is standing.

Whatever little paper cards you make for your place cards slide right into those little circles you made.

Hello! I’m Penny Layman, here to?share a few tips and hints about paper piecing. This will be a three part series giving you ideas and info for your paper piecing process, read the first post here to find my favorite paper piecing hints and tips. I’ll be pulling out all the stops and letting you in on my best tips that help to keep me sane while I paper piece. I hope they do the same for you!

I showed y’all My New Backyard and promised some tutorials. One thing I did was to block print some fabric with a chevron pattern. I couldn’t find a fabric I liked to cover the cushion with, I wanted a linen with a sort of handmade feel to it. So I block printed my own.Then I sewed it into a cushion cover (using the exact same method as I did in my tutorial onsewing a crib sheet, with the measurements adjusted to the measurements of the seat cushion).I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Let me show you How to Block Print Fabric after the jump…How to Block Print Fabric

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