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linen pillow covers BERNINA Patchwork Feet decorative pillow shams

2020-03-05 08:29

Patchwork Feet on the Menu!

BERNINA is known for its unmatched collection of presser feet. If there is a sewing technique, the Swiss engineers have developed a foot optimized to give you the best results. It’s part of our passion for quality.

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Personally, I learned a long time ago that at the stitching point when and where the needle enters the fabric, it’s not my helping hands that govern the fabric—it’s the presser foot. So I’ve learned to let the machine and the foot do their magic. Sometimes it took more than one attempt to learn that lesson!

As a quilter, I have a particular interest in BERNINA’s selection of patchwork feet. There are now six of them to fit the needs of any quilter and suit your work style. Let me walk you through a brief history of BERNINA Patchwork Feetlinen pillow covers, as they were not all created at once.

First, there was the quarter inch foot, aka Patchwork Foot #37

–; At the needle position

–; 1/4 inch behind the needle

–; 1/4 inch ahead of the needle

So by now we have an accurate 1/4 inch piecing foot. Who could ask for more, right?

Peekaboo, I see you!

Some quilters like to see the edges of the fabric being pieced together just peek past the right side edge of the foot. It’s a natural thing to verify you’re at the edge. But if the fabric is “peeking” on extending on the right of the foot—then you no longer have an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance, and block dimension accuracy is no longer perfect. Patchwork Foot with Guide #57 has a guide on the right side of the foot that lets you place the fabric along the guide to give you the perfect quarter inch.

Now enters the next iteration of patchwork feet—Patchwork Foot with Guide #57

Meanwhile, machines with 9 mm stitch width came on the market with matching (wider) feed dogs. For those with a machine that has a 9 mm wide stitch, there is the #97D foot. BERNINAs with a 9 mm wide stitch also have wider feed dogs. The left side of the #97D foot is wider, allowing the fabric to be more securely sandwiched between the foot and the feed dogs. This secure hold makes for even more precise stitching!

And now, Patchwork Foot #97?—because sometimes more is better!

Patchwork Foot #97 foot represents a custom-fit solution to all the precision piecing challenges I had encountered as a quilter.

So by now it looks like all my wishes had come true as a quilter. But then . . .

Say hello to BERNINA Dual Feed!

With the advent of the BERNINA 8 Series in 2008, and now with the 7 and New 5 Series machines, we enjoy the benefits of dual feed on 9 mm machines. It’s like all-wheel drive for your quilt piecing.

Our engineers went to work and created a “D” (dual feed) version of all 3 of our Patchwork Feet, giving us Patchwork Feet #37D / 57D / 97D.So whatever your piecing style, you can still have your pick of feet. Personally, 97D is my favorite, hands down!

In closing, a friendly reminder from one quilter to another. For the most precise piecing when using a 1/4 inch foot, always use the Straight Stitch Plate on the machine I’m using. It supports even the finest fabric and is that pinch of salt that makes the outcome that much better.

And remember…Quilting Forever! Housework…Whenever!

There are 6 different types of baby carriers.

Now your little ones can carry your heart with them wherever they go. I had so much fun making this heart-shaped bag and I can’t wait to give it to little Scarlet on Valentine’s Day. Her enthusiasm for the holiday is raching mythical proportions, eclipsing even Christmas. Every morning she runs into my room yelling “MOMMY IS IT VALENTINE’S DAY TODAY???!?!”

We needed a carrying case for the Nintendo Switch, so I decided to see if I could make one. I included storage for games and the controller straps. My husband requested a Pokéball look, which inspired the color scheme.

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