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french linen pillow covers Shipping Pretty Packages! custom anniversary gifts

2020-02-27 10:27

Shipping Pretty Packages is always more fun, especially if it’;s Christmas and you can use holiday-themed?packing tape!

Have you ever been using regular packing tape and it’;s hard to cut, it gets twisted aroundfrench linen pillow covers, you lose the end and before you know it, you’;re wadding it up and throwing it away? And it’;s ugly!

burlap throw pillow covers

I’;ve always thought…;…;.if they can send a man to the moon, why can’;t they invent an easy and pretty packaging tape that doesn’;t require high levels of frustration just finding the end…;..and then keeping the end from sticking after each use. UGH!

Duck Brand? must have heard me screaming over the years and have now made EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape! It’;s the little things people!

I wrapped this package in about 30 seconds…;…;You’;re probably thinking “;well of course you did, it looks like crap”;…;…;but can you imagine what it would have looked like if the tape was hard to use, stuck to its self, came off in uneven and was just plain clear. So compared to what it could be…;…;.this package looks AWESOME! And just think how exciting it would be to receive this all decorated for Christmas over just a plain wrapped package. This packed says there is something fabulous inside! This package will make whatever inside seem even more fabulous!

These EZ Start? make life a little easier this time of year. Not only is is easy to use, but it’;s decorative designs are so festive. You could use it on packages that go under the tree, or to seal holiday goodies ready for delivery. ?They have several designs to choose from.

So even when Christmas is over…;…;..there are other designs to get us through the year. Perfect for sending college care packages!

Stamped Burlap Gift Bags?

Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping?

There are many, many different silhouette options for a petticoat; this is just one which happens to be very suitable for a 1960s bell shaped silhouette.

This year we introduced you to Christina “Chris” Waters, the president, CEO and Founder of RARE Science. Chris is a delight to work with. She’s incredibly smart, full of energy, and passionate about the work her organization has been doing to find therapies and resources for children stricken with rare diseases. BERNINA shares in Chris’ vision to see to it that every child with a rare disease is presented with their very own Rare Bear. The RARE Bears bring support at many levels—they bring joy to kids and support parents. RARE Science?also helps bring awareness of specific rare disease world-wide to help with diagnoses and building patient communities. By doing this the team?can start to understand the cause of the disease on the way to finding more immediate help for these special kids. We started out in October 2016 by donating a BERNINA 215 Simply Red?sewing machine for the Beary RARE Event at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. To sweeten the prize, our very own Director of Education, Connie Fanders, made a BEAR-NINA that was delivered along with the machine to its lucky winner.

Interior Stylist Lara Hutton shares her advice on styling the perfect living room.

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