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french linen pillow covers Outlined & Outlawed- A Guide to Stencilling funny cushion covers

2019-12-02 22:17

While some people don't see stencilling as the most refined way to decorate walls, when done well it is an art form in its own right, capable of creating the most amazing effects. Stencilling is a great way to add interest and movement to a space without the need for re-doing the entire surface of a wall. Using stencils is a cost effective way to achieve a new look and feel without having to repaint the whole room. They can also give a new lease of life to some tired old curtain fabric or roller blind.

The key to creating an elegant look with stencils is to use colours that blend well with the existing wall colour. Subtlety will add warmth and create beauty. It is understandable that many people are suspicious of the stencil, often used badly to room ruining effect. All too often stencils are overdone with far too many colours or shades that just do not match.

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They were also victims of massive overexposure on a certain popular 1990’s DIY themed T.V. show which was responsible for some of the most horrific changing of rooms ever shown on British television before the implemented watershed. For children's rooms or other areas where you prefer a more whimsical lookfrench linen pillow covers, vivid colours or those with high contrast are the better choices. It really depends a great deal on the type of space you are decorating and the overall look you want to create.

Whichever effect you hope to achieve, one of the best tips to keep in mind is that it pays to make a practice board before going to the wall. This is true of most any paint treatment or technique, and stencilling is no exception. Start by painting a piece of scrap material in the same colour as your existing wall colour. When it has dried thoroughly, begin stencilling.

Try these tips:

Once you are able to achieve the look you want, follow the above steps on the wall. It is wise to wipe the area you intend to paint before beginning in order to remove any dust that could interfere with your stencilling. After you have completed a section, let it sit for just a moment and then carefully pull away the stencil.

Grasp one corner and gently pull it away in a diagonal, downward motion. Wipe any paint from the stencil and move on to the next marked off area, but take care not to touch the freshly painted section when applying the stencil or when painting the next section. Once the technique is mastered, you are sure to be delighted by the beautiful looks you can create with stencilling.

Especially in the volatile housing market we are currently experiencing, to many, renting is the most cost effective and beneficial way of living. Whether it is an apartment for a young professional or large family home difficulties arise when looking to add your design tastes to a rented property. Dependant on your landlord there are various restrictions such as existing furniture, wall coverings, carpets and wall hangings that limit your design freedoms. Consequently this article guides you through some effective ways of adding your personal touch within the bounds of your tenant agreement.

It's time for that million dollar question...What are we going to make out of two boring shirts today?This question is second to none only behind "what weird thing can we hoop today" and "I wonder if you can thread this thing while it's running." The answer to the second one is no, by the way, regardless of how much coffee you've had."Boring" might be a bit of a harsh word to describe these shirts, they do have something quite valuable. Something we're going to take advantage of today... sleeves! You see, we had fun making a drape vest from scratch earlier this year, but the key factor in making that a simple tutorial was the whole vests-don't-have-sleeves thing. Sleeves are finicky and fickle, but sadly the cold weather has come and light vests without sleeves just don't cut it. Unless you're one of those midwesterners in denial, out for a walk in a winter parka and shorts. You know who you are.So, we're going to use the sleeves from one of these shirts, but upcycle them into a much more awesome creation... a winged drape cardigan.*NOTE* - This tutorial uses machine embroidery to add the wing decoration to the shirt. This is?entirely?optional, you could just make a plain drape cardigan. But we all know machine embroidery makes it cooler ;)

QuiltCon is the yearly quilt show and conference of the Modern Quilt Guild. BERNINA was proud to be in attendance at this year’s event in Nashville, Tennessee, as an official sponsor offering classrooms stocked with the latest BERNINA sewing machines, and with two vendor booths chock full of all things BERNINA! QuiltCon is the largest quilt show focused solely on modern quilts, offering days of workshops, classes, lectures, over 550 quilts on display, and a full hall of vendors and exhibitors. Here’s some of our favorite highlights from this year’s amazing event.

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