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french linen pillow covers Outdoor Rugs Are IN pillow covers floral

2019-12-03 15:55

With summer comes barbecue season, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor space, and more importantly: outdoor rugs. It’;s a growing trend that’;s making an appearance in aspirational blogs and social media feeds, so we thought we’;d give you the nod to get ahead of this movement before your neighbours do!

Here’s our easy guide on why you should add an outdoor rugto your home accessories wishlist:

accent pillow case baby canvas home and living

Strong Designs

External design can be challengingfrench linen pillow covers, and an outdoor rug is perfect for turning your open space into somewhere you want to hang out, and maybe even your new favourite place. Bold prints and soft curves can be used to complement the organic and unpredictable design of nature, making it the perfect conversation-piece for any garden. Stand-out geometric patterns in earthy tones and bright accent colours can section off and draw attention to an area of your outdoor space, creating a designated dining area or a place for the little ones to play. Their adaptability is perfect for letting your well-designed interior spill out into your garden.

Nice and Durable

Most outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene material that is hard-wearing and weather resistant (for everything but snow) making them perfect for use outdoors without needing to carry them in and out every time you need them. Their enhanced durability makes them perfect for a big social event or a sunny play-date, and even better for protecting your patio and decking from chair and table legs.

Muddy garden games and drink spilling would normally be a nightmare for your typical rug owner, but polypropylene material is also super easy to clean and care for. Spillages and crumbs from last night’s barbecue can easily be shaken or rinsed off; their water-resistant design means that they will welcome a gentle hose-down when the rough and tumble of summer life has finished.

And They Work Indoors Too!

Durability isn’t just important for a garden. An outdoor rug can work just as well indoors as the hard-wearing material makes these ideal for high-footfall areas like the kitchen or hallway. By using an outdoor rug inside your home, you get to enjoy all of the aesthetic merits of a regular rug but with the added toughness and easy-cleaning of an outdoor rug. Perfect for busy family homes, accidental spillages, food crumbs and muddy paws are no issue for an outdoor rug, which can just be taken outside and cleaned with the garden hose.

New Arrivals

‘;Moretti’;, ‘;Padua’; and ‘;Trieste’; are the latest flat woven recruits to join our indoor and outdoor Florence Alfresco range, pairing hard-wearing materials and contemporary geometric designs in a style-conscious palette, perfect for summer and beyond.

Thinking of starting your holiday sewing? This Nordic-inspired pillow will look great on your couch this holiday season, and it’s the perfect complement to my Fair Isle Christmas quilt pattern.

Hello! My name is Mandy Leins of Mandalei Quilts, and I am a longarmer, pattern designer, and book author. While I almost always label my quilts, this last year was so busy that I didn’t get to attaching information to everything. That got me thinking about the ways we label our quilts, and I wanted to try something a little different. This tutorial is how I used the built-in alphabets on my BERNINA 790 to add text to the binding itself. Because my BERNINA is capable of a 9mm stitch width, I have provided the cutting instructions I used. Machines with a narrow stitch width may be able to use strips cut slightly less wide.

We got home this week from a 3 week-long road trip (I think I may have mentioned that already, I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record *wink*). Now that we are home, summer has finally settled in at our house. ?Along with it has come lazy days, hot humid air, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and an overall feeling of laziness. If it would ever stop raining that feeling would be amplified by the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. ?Our recent rainy weather has given us an “extra” excuse to lay around the house all day (like we need more than one excuse? to do that*wink*)… ?I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. A little down time every once in a while is good for the soul.

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