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french linen pillow covers Ohio Star Quilt Blocks for the Let’s Stay Home Quilt Along customized gifts for mom

2020-04-27 03:03

Welcome to week 3 of the Let’;s Stay Home quilt along. This week we are making two rows of Ohio Star Quilt Blocks!

Hi Guys! I hope that you are having fun with our quilt along! I’;ve absolutely loved seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing it with me on Facebook &; Instagram (and a few of you emailed me too!).

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As a reminder, you can see all of the blog posts as of this date for the Quilt Along by CLICKING HERE.

For this Quilt Along you need a pattern. You can get one in the shop. Here is the listing for a PDF pattern and HERE is the listing for a printed pattern.

Before we jump into this weeks blocks, I wanted to address something. Kits were manufactured for this quilt. I designed the quilt pattern and the fabric and was asked if it would be ok if copies of my quilt pattern were included in the kits.

I said yes. In the process of making copies for the kits, the FPP patterns were resized. It’;s a long story but the “;short”; version is the FPP patterns that came with the kits are the wrong size. The FPP patterns on the website HERE or in my printed and PDF patterns are the correct size. It’;s only the ones in the kits.

The companies are working out a fix for you guysfrench linen pillow covers, you may have already heard from them, if not it will be soon.

I wanted to mention this because I received several emails this week asking what the errors in my pattern were. I guess an email was sent out saying there was an error in the pattern but they didn’;t say what it was. So I just wanted to make it clear. There are no known errors in the pattern. It was tested. It’;s good. The problem is that the FPP patterns in the kit (only) are the wrong size.

In the process of making the paper copies for the kit, they also used an older version fabric layout in the kit on the cover. I mentioned this a few weeks ago. As a reminder, here’;s the layout of each fabric on the quilt as it corresponds to the kit.

So to “;sum up”; fabric is good, the paper has mistakes LOL! If you bought your pattern separate from a kit, you’;re a-ok.

If you’;re one of the ones that got incorrect FPP patterns. You can wait for a fix OR you can just download them on my website (they are free). On the first page of your pattern under “;supplies,”; it tells you where to download the FPP patterns online. There is also a password.

Use the password and that link to get your FPP patterns. When you print them at home make sure you have page scaling in Adobe Acrobat set to 100% or actual size.

Don’;t worry about falling behind in the quilt along. I’;m going to add another week at the end of the quilt along for the FPP blocks again. I’;ll share a few more tips for making the blocks. If you’;re done, that’;s great! If not, don’;t worry, we’;ll just move that row of blocks to the end.

So let’;s talk Ohio Star Blocks! This quilt features 2 rows of large Ohio Star Quilt blocks and a few smaller size Ohio Star blocks in the center row. This week we are making the larger of the blocks.

The blocks make up rows 3 &; 5 of the quilt. You’;ll need to make 10 blocks in total. For the blocks in my quilt I repeated a few of the fabric patterns. So I have mine made in sets of 3 and sets of 2.

When you make your Ohio star blocks you’;ll need to create some Quarter Square Triangles (QST’;s). There are four Quarter Square Triangles in each block.

Make sure in the step when you layer your two Half Square Triangles on top of each other that the diagonal fabric seams are nestled right on top of each other.

I usually like to put a pin on both sides of that center point of the fabric. Sometimes when you sew the seam to create the Quarter Square Triangles the fabric will “;slip”; a bit and you won’;t get that perfect X in the center of your QST block that you want.

I find that pinning both sides of the seam on the QST block helps quite a bit!

Here’;s this weeks video!

If you make a block please share it on Social Media! On Instagram tag me @polkadotchair and use the hashtag #LetsStayHomeQuilt !

If you make a block, share it with us in our Facebook Group!

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