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french linen pillow covers Interior Design Ideas to Transform a Teenager's Bedroom 6- Using Natural Materials funny cushion covers

2019-12-02 01:32

Although linked, using there is a difference between using natural materials and eco-friendly ones. The use of natural materials focuses more one using those which are derived from solely from nature, such as stonefrench linen pillow covers, untreated fabrics, untreated wood, plants etc. there is less emphasis on how far and by what means of transport these materials reach us. It would be na?ve to say thst there aren't any links because of course there are as most teens who want to use natural materials will also want them to eco-friendly as well.

The love of natural materials can be use to create a variety of different statements. An excellent example is to use a natural chalk wall on which your teen can write their own priority lists, quotations etc. Chalk walls are bang on-trend and although usually seen in kitchens to make shopping lists or young children's rooms (as a means to stop them drawing on the rest of the walls in their homes) they can successfully used to make a statement and provide teens a way to voice themselves, doodle or create their own changeable wall art.

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As chalk walls are black there are numerous complimentary colours duvet sets and bedding which can be used to stop the room from looking too dark and foreboding. The bedding should also be made from natural materials, cotton is ideal along with wool for bed throws.

Large rugs in sisal or rattan make the perfect divide on the floor; these are also durable and although they don't have the softest of textures they suit the design brief to a T.

Any form of storage can be used just as long as it made from 100% natural materials. Wooden crates or trunks are suitable, as are wicker or reed baskets.

Any item in the room should of course be made from natural materials; wood or bamboo window blinds are ideal window dressing choices just as long as they don't have any chemical treatments added to them. For softer look, sea-shells can make great lamp shades. Let your teen scout around and find the natural materials they want to include – if it means them using their own handy crafts sourced from nature all the better.

I have a pile of tees from various road races and have always said that I'll turn them into a tshirt quilt... but that may never happen, so I'm doing the next best thing and upcycling them into market bags to take to the farmer's market!? This is an easy project that's so low sew that you could even do it by hand if you wanted to (or maybe "have to" because you don't have a machine). P.S. If you're like me and hate to waste anything, check out my dog toy tutorial?to use up the scraps from this project ;-)

Low maintenance is the key to pet-friendly interior design. Flooring is a great place to start, since this area will receive a lot of wear and tear. Since accidents and mud tracks are inevitable, you’ll want something that is painless to clean. Carpeting will be a magnet for stains, clumps of animal hair, and pet odours. Hard flooring is a perfect choice for pet owners or even those wanting to install a quick clean surface.

Interiors blogs are created to inspire those of you out there who love interior design, and want to become involved with it in some way, be it in your home or as a business. The internet communities can make or break a design blogger, and really do have a huge effect on design trends and opinions.

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