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french linen pillow covers How to Make a Utility Box Cover pillow covers farmhouse

2020-01-20 07:39

Hi friends! You know I blog all about DIY home decor projects, right? Usually, Joe and I tackle DIY home decor projects because it saves us tons of money and because we think it's pretty darn fun. But sometimes wetackle a DIY project because we have no other choice. This is one of those projects. Today, I am going to show you how to hide utility boxes with awesome DIY utility box covers. Time to get excited!

Our home had these unsightly utility boxes and wires at our back door entry, which is the entry that we use the most often. Unfortunately, there was no good solution to hide them that we could find in a store or online, so we came up with our own utility box cover and we just love how it turned out.

linen sheets

Our quest to hide the utility boxes was the first of many steps we tookto improve the backentry to our house. Frankly, our back door entry could not have been less inviting when we started. Don't believe me? Just take a look for yourself. This is what we started with.

This is a project of intermediate difficulty and requires that you have some basic knowledge of woodworking terms and cuts. But, if you have some basic DIY home decor projects under your belt alreadyfrench linen pillow covers, I am confident you cancomplete this project! This post contains some affiliate links for yourconvenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

First, take a look at the diagrams of our DIY utility box cover below, which will provide a good visual context for the steps outlined below.

1) Spend some time measuring out and planning your project. We determined how tall and wide we wanted our utility box cover to be and then figured out what cuts we needed to make. Pre-planning will save you time in the end, I promise.

2) Once you determine how tall and wide your coverwill be, cut horizontal slats for the front of your coverout of plywood. Bear in mind that you will want to make your front slats long enough to cover the edges of the side panels. We also had stairs to deal with, so we had to take into account when making our cuts for the bottom of the cover.

3) You will be using four 2 x 2s as vertical supports for the your cover, so next cut them to the appropriate length.

4) Finally, cut your side panels from plywood to the appropriate size.

5) Once all of your wood is cut, stain it and then add a weather proof polyurethane. I'm not gonna lie, this step is time consuming. Just listen to some good music or an audiobook for this step.

6) Once your poly top coat has dried, you are ready to assemble. Begin by attaching the front slats to two vertical 2 x 2s with a brad nailer. Be sure to leave some overhang so that your front slats will cover the edges of your side panels. We used a scrap piece of wood the same thickness as our side panelsto ensure our spacing was correct as we attached the front slats. Also remember to leave enough space (an inch or so will do) in between each panel so the utility box behind the cover can be accessed easily by the utility company.

7) Next, attach the side panelswith your brad nailer. Note that we taped the edges of our woodwith painter's tape prior to nailing them. You'll see why in step 12:)

8) Next, attached a 2 x 2 to the back, vertical edge of each side panel.

9) Finally, if your utility box coveris as wide or wider than ours, you may need to cut four corner braces to add strength and stability to your cover. We cut ours out of the same plywood using our band saw, but you could also use a jig saw or even a circular saw. We attached two corner braces to the top corners of the utility box cover, and two to the bottom corners {see the diagram at the beginning of the instructions}.

10) Because stairs interfered with our cover, we had to make our 2 x 2s long enough to anchor into the wood stairs. So, we had to cut out a square the same size as our 2 x 2s so that the supports could be placed through them to make it sturdy. We did this by tracing the 2 x 2 shape on the top and bottom stair. We then drilled a small hole with a drill bit and then a larger hole with a paddle bit. We then squared it off by using a hand chisel. If you are lucky enough to have a flat surface at the bottom of your utility box cover, you should not have to worry about this step.

11) Use 2 x 2s to make a wood cleat for each side of the back of the coverto anchor it to your house. This will enable you to easily remove it by lifting it off if you ever need to access the hiding utility boxes, but it will prevent the coverfrom shifting during strong winds or storms. We have not heard any complaints from our electric company about the ability to read our meter, so they must either remove the coverthemselves or peek through the slats! But again, if we need to remove it, it's super easy to lift it out of the way! If you are concerned about this, you could always hinge the front, slatted panel to give you even easier access.

12)Finally, mix a bit of your wood stain with wood putty and fill in the holes left by the brad nails. Then peel the tape off and you have perfectly matched and patched holes without making a mess! See how that painter's tape trick comes in handy?

We added some address numbers to this utility box coverto dress it up a bit. We absolutely love the finished result. SUCH an improvement from where we started. What do you think?

Currently, our back entry is decorated for fall. I love all the colors and textures of fall!

We finished this project in the Spring. This is how we decorated it for Spring and Summer.

Now, how about a little before and after shot?!

A little better, huh? If hiding utility boxes is your next DIY project, let me know how it works out for you! I'd love to see any utility box cover designs you come up with!

If you want to check out how we made that DIY wood “;HOME”; state, you can see that full tutorial here. For LOADS of DIY home decor projects, be sure to take my full home tour here. And if you love this project, be sure to pin it so that you can findit later :)

pillow covers farmhouse

If I had to pick one type of cuisine to eat, hands down and every time, it’s Mexican food! I sometimes joke with my family that I should have been born in Mexico, because I really do love it that much! Needless to say, we eat a lot of Mexican food in our home…and we all LOVE tortillas! But have you ever cooked up Fajita meat or some Carne Asada with a side of fresh salsa and corn tortillas, but are disappointed with your cold and dried out tortillas, once it’s time to eat?! Yeah, me too! Generally, we wrap them up in paper towels and then some tin foil until we’re ready to eat them, but I’ll admit, it’s a little wasteful. I’ve been wanting to buy some sort of tortilla warmer for a long time (you know, like the kind you see at Mexican restaurants), but haven’t found one I like. So instead, I decided to make one from a few layers of fabric and some insulation.

One of the easiest ways to makeover a room is by changing the artwork. It takes just a few minutes and can transition the space & set the mood. I have two frames in our dining room that I update the artwork with the seasons & special occasions. In the past, I have refrained from personal photographs in the dining room, but I knew they would make the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations. From the moment I saw these prints, I was in love. When I added our family photos, I was enamored. A personalized frame photo makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for grandmas, don’t you think? Recently, Shades of Gray took this photograph of us walking down our street in the snow. I added one of my favorite quotes, “What I love most about my home is who I share it with.” It’s so true. While I enjoy making our house a home, nothing in it compares to Chris & the girls.

This post is sponsored by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own, as always.

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