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french linen pillow covers How to Make a Tin Can Lantern custom anniversary gifts

2020-01-20 07:58

I love the look of Tin Can Lanterns and have added them to my Fall Mantel, but I especially love them hanging all over the yard from every tree during the summer. I had never tried making them and always wondered how to make a tin can lantern without crushing and bending the can.

After a quick search, I saw many people poking holes like I would have and just trying to bend the can back into shape. Then I watched this video and of course!! Brilliant! Sometimes the answer is so simple and just staring you in the face!

accent pillow case baby floor

ICE –; For my latest Lowe’;s project I had picked up a few small paint cans and wanted to make lantern. I filled them with water and placed them in the freezer. I left them for a few hours and probably should have checked on them sooner since one of the cans bulged from the expanding ice. The ice makes the can solid…;…;..temporarily so you can easily poke holes without bending your can.

TOWEL –; I used 2 fluffy hand towels. One for the can to lay on and one to make a round bumper around the canfrench linen pillow covers, holding it steady. The ice melts pretty fast and a few chucks of ice dislodge. I found having the bottom towel helped soak up the water.?

Hammer &; Large Nail –;?I couldn’;t find a large enough nail, so I used a wood screw…;…;which worked just fine. I poked holes in the pattern I wanted free hand. ?Place your nail where you want the hole and give it a whack. Make sure the nail is straight up and down so it doesn’;t slip when you hit it. ?If you wanted something more design oriented, I’;d make small dots with a sharpie.

See, that wasn’;t so hard was it?

Now you can spray paint them ?or leave as is. ?I used a patina ink stain, not really knowing what my end result would be. The jury is still out if I love them, but I did love making them. ?If you want to put a wire handle for hanging, simply loop a piece of wire through 2 holes at the top on opposite sides. ?The video I watched from Seattle Seedlings explains it way better than I could.

Jessica from Cutesy Crafts is back with us again today sharing a beautiful?Christmas?Embroidery Design with you! She’s turned this Merry Christmas hand embroidery pattern into a mini Christmas embroidery hoop ornament! She’s even included a video to help you learn some of the stitches used in the embroidery design.?

Turning a shirt into a pillow is a unique way to preserve a favorite shirt, upcycle a shirt from a thrift store, or just get crafty with a shirt that you no longer wear! You can use a t-shirt or a button-down shirt to create your pillow. Sew a pillow if you have a sewing machine and know how to sew, or try making a no-sew t-shirt pillow for a quick and easy craft that anyone can do! No matter which option you choose, this craft will only take around 1 hour.

What can you do with a crib skirt when you don’t need it anymore? You spent a ton on it. It’s adorable. But it’s kind of useless once kiddo moves to a toddler bed (or even once he/she is standing and the crib mattress gets lowered). Well, we have an idea of what you can do with a crib skirt: Turn it into a window valance! My friend Anna called me ever so excited with her brilliant idea and asked me if I thought I could make it happen. I was like, girl, you’re a genius! Not only did we make it happen – it’s a NO SEW project! Crazy easy! And the windows still match the bedding, woo hoo!

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