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french linen pillow covers DIY Planters for Succulents pillow covers farmhouse

2020-01-18 06:59

[clickToTweet tweet=”;Brilliant way to #upcycle your old light fixtures!”; quote=”;Don't get rid of your old light fixtures. Upcycle them.”;][social_warfare]Hey hey!If you've followed my home renovations for a while, you know that we've replaced nearly every single light fixture in this place! The old ones justweren't our style(that's the only diplomatic way to say it). And because light fixtures can be expensive, we've made a ton of DIY lights, like this DIY bentwood pendant and this DIY wood bead chandelier.

While making DIY light fixtures seemed to come easily to usfrench linen pillow covers, we were never sure what to do with the old light fixtures. We sold some, and donated lots to the Habitat Restore. But recently, Joe came up with a FABULOUS idea for our old flush mount ceiling lights. He suggested we make DIY planters for succulents with them and I fell in love with the idea!

linen cushion covers

These DIY planters for succulents don't require a detailed tutorial :) You simply remove the globes from the electrical housing, and fill them up with some dirt and plant your succulents.

We planted some cacti and an aloe plant.

Since we just mist the plants to keep them alive, it's not problematic that the planters don't have drainage holes. That's why these DIY planters are perfect for succulents. Just check out how fun they are?! (And before you ask, that cute pink planter came from Ikea).

Even if you don't have old, flush mount light fixtures from your old house, you can find them for next to nothing at thrift stores and salvage stores!

Love this idea? Be sure to pin it to Pinterest or share it on Facebook so you can find it again later :)

pillow covers farmhouse

There areno design rules. In fact, anything goes! But if you find decorating to be a bit overwhelming these decorating secrets will help you design a beautiful space without effort!

I’ve decided that in order to properly wrap up my experience at the Sewing Summit this year it was going to require 2 posts. One about the classes and one about the people. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not done talking about Riley Blake Fabric Fest either, I just can’t seem to find 5 minutes to sit at the computer and write this past month. I don’t know why, isn’t 3 trips in a months time normal? *wink*

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