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french linen pillow covers BERNINA Q-Matic Markers Feature decorative pillow shams

2020-03-04 18:13

The Markers in BERNINA Q-matic Longarm Quilting Automation System is the way to mark a spot on the actual quilt top and then see it on the computer screen. This function is very handy in placing designs or in creating new designs that are made up of straight lines.

In order to use Markers and see them on the computer screen in the correct location, you must first have a Safe Area set. Open the Markers from the Tool Center.

yellow throw pillows

With Markers open, move the Sewhead to the desired marker position. Click “Set” on the Sewhead Interaction Screen, or confirm with any toggle switch on the handle. You will now see the red square at the corresponding point on the computer screen. Move the Sewhead to the next position and set additional markers until all desired markers are placed.

To connect the markers, click “Connect” on the Markers open screenfrench linen pillow covers, then click on each marker you would like to connect. Click on “Center” to show the center point of the connected markers. It is a small red plus sign.

To clear or delete all markers from screen click “Clear”.

Click “Confirm” or “Cancel” to close the window.

I decided to use the Markers function to place the hexagons designs in my project this month.

Hexagon Cutter (I used an Accuquilt die to cut half hexagons with 4 1/2 inch sides)

Fabric (I used Jubilee by Amanda Murphy 10” x 10” squares by Benartex Contempo

Thread (I used Mettler Seracor 50wt.)

Needle (I used a BERNINA size 90/14 Jeans Needle)

Batting (I used cotton)

Backing 3 or 4 inches larger on all four sides that the quilt top

BERNINA Q 20/Q 24 Longarm Quilting Machine on Frame

BERNINA Q-matic Longarm Quilting Automation System

BERNINA Needle Point Laser Longarm Quilting Accessory (optional)

There are several nice designs in the Design Library; I used “Ayana_block_03” and “Hock block”. I also purchased Soar-Block #1, Pergola-Block #2 and Hyacinth-Block #4 from Urban Elementz. Part of the designs I used were in .bqm format and others were not. To convert to .bqm, I opened the design in Art &; Stitch (Art &; Stitch is included with Q-matic), and then saved as .bqm before I imported the design into Q-matic.

Construct quilt top. Load frame with project. Baste top and sides of quilt top.

I opened Q-matic and placed one of each design I was going to use on the Quilt Area. Rotate the design if needed. With the hexagon shape I was using, the top and bottom needed to be flat. I then resized each to be approximately 7.5 inches wide. Using Markers, unlike using Boundary, does not change the shape or size of the design, so you can use the same design over and over when placing it. I did duplicate some so that I could visually see how the layout was coming together on screen.

Move the Sewhead to the first hexagon you want to quilt. Open Markers and place markers on all of the points of the hexagon using the Needle Point Laser for accuracy.

Now click on “Connect” and “Center” on the secondary screen that is open. Click on each of the markers on screen to connect and see the center mark. A line will connect each one. This line can be stitched if you want. However, I just used it for placing and did not stitch the line.

Slide the design you would like to use into the marked area on screen. Resizing if needed.

With design selected, open Trim.

Select the appropriate features.

Be sure and “Preview”, and don’t forget if your sides are not real straight you can trim at an angle too. The black part of the design will be trimmed away.

Confirm (check mark in the green box) when you like what you see.

Open Sew Options to “Dequeue All”, and then “Queue” the design you are going to stitch.

Touch Start on the computer and follow the prompts to stitch out the design.

Now it is time to mark the next half hexagon across to stitch.

Follow the same process to place


and stitch.

Continue across the quilt top placing markers and trimming design if needed to create a full row across. “Dequeue All” and “Queue” one design at a time to stitch.

After I completed all that, I could stitch in the Safe Area. I deleted all of the markers by opening the tool and using “Clear” at the bottom of the screen. I then deleted all of the lines that I had created using the markers, and also deleted the half hexagon designs. I was not sure that the sides of my quilt top were perfectly straight, so I thought it would be good to start with a fresh design each time I had to trim it.

Continue placing the designs and stitching in the same manner until you fill the Safe Area again. Then delete all markers and lines that connect so you can do the last section.

Last section.

A few things to remember and think about.

I know you will have fun with Markers! You can use them to place designs as well as create designs.

Jessica from Cutesy Crafts is back with us again today sharing a beautiful?Christmas?Embroidery Design with you! She’s turned this Merry Christmas hand embroidery pattern into a mini Christmas embroidery hoop ornament! She’s even included a video to help you learn some of the stitches used in the embroidery design.?

Turning a shirt into a pillow is a unique way to preserve a favorite shirt, upcycle a shirt from a thrift store, or just get crafty with a shirt that you no longer wear! You can use a t-shirt or a button-down shirt to create your pillow. Sew a pillow if you have a sewing machine and know how to sew, or try making a no-sew t-shirt pillow for a quick and easy craft that anyone can do! No matter which option you choose, this craft will only take around 1 hour.

What can you do with a crib skirt when you don’t need it anymore? You spent a ton on it. It’s adorable. But it’s kind of useless once kiddo moves to a toddler bed (or even once he/she is standing and the crib mattress gets lowered). Well, we have an idea of what you can do with a crib skirt: Turn it into a window valance! My friend Anna called me ever so excited with her brilliant idea and asked me if I thought I could make it happen. I was like, girl, you’re a genius! Not only did we make it happen – it’s a NO SEW project! Crazy easy! And the windows still match the bedding, woo hoo!

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